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The founding partners of MB1, Joel S. Brudner and Christopher McCallion, have had substantial success in real estate and operational investments over the past 25 years. Collectively they have had management and ownership responsibility in the development and operations of approximately seven million square feet of office, retail, and industrial buildings; 3,000 multi-family apartment units; 800 for-sale housing units; and $3 billion in energy related projects. Accordingly, valuable relationships with owners, lenders, tenants, brokers, and other professionals have been cultivated enabling MB1 to attract superior terms and off-market opportunities as a vital part of its competitive advantage.

Streamlined underwriting and rapid decision making is a direct advantage of internally funded capital, as is the capability for expedited transaction closings. The partners' expertise in finance, risk management and investment strategy enable MB1 to swiftly identify and resolve issues which generate value for its equity and partners.

For significant investment opportunities (generally in excess of $25 million) or for selective asset types, MB1 has existing partnership relationships that may participate on a joint venture basis with MB1 Capital Partners maintaining its managing partner role.

The founding partners, Joel S. Brudner and Christopher McCallion, combine their strengths of proven real estate expertise and entrepreneurial skills, along with capital liquidity in building and managing the MB1 investment company portfolio.